8 weeks old rottie and she is skittish around my three year old

Is this normal?

I know she is young but is it normal for her to be afraid of my daughter running around?

What should i do to have her be less afraid?

Your Rottie pup is just a baby, and if she’s not spent the first few weeks of her life around small children then it’s perfectly normal (and understandable) that she will be scared of, or unsure of, your daughter.

Toddlers and young children move quickly and erratically, they also have high pitched voices and sudden, jerky movements. These behaviors can cause a puppy to feel anxious or to react nervously. They can also occasionally make an older dog see small children ‘prey’ – so it’s much better to raise a puppy with children from the beginning.

I’d recommend that you try to help your daughter understand that the puppy is a bit nervous about her and try to get her to move more slowly, and be more quiet, around the pup to begin with. Most little ones can be very empathetic and try hard to do this. Also don’t allow her to overwhelm the puppy with attention such as hugging, stroking, kissing and so on. If your pup feels ‘cornered’ or unable to get away when she’s scared it will make things more difficult.

As for the puppy, don’t make a big deal of her being nervous, ignore it whenever you can. Let her get used to your daughter at her own pace, and from a distance if necessary. Don’t force her to accept petting or hugging at first. Let her adjust and seek out attention in her own time. This will make the whole process less stressful for everyone.

During the early days in a new home most puppies have to go through some adjustments as they get used to living in a new home, with new people and without their doggie family. It’s scary and a bit difficult for them, but most pup adjust well within a week or so and become more self-confident and outgoing. Just give your puppy time and I’m sure she will be fine… and your daughter and puppy will be best friends.

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Apr 30, 2017

10 week rottie bullies my 5 yr year old NEW
by: Anonymous

My 10 week old puppy Nala bullies my 5 yr old son.Shes always mouthing and chewing on my son and doesn’t listen when I tell her no and move her from him.My son really wants to interact with her but he’s now getting scared she’s gonna nip his hands or feet too hard.How do I stop this behavior?

Apr 10, 2012

my rottie had the same problem NEW
by: samantha

definately time + space are the best thing as she is getting used to her new surroundings and new people aswel as a young child. its a lot for her to take on all at once. my rottie was a rescue who was locked away in a shed the whole time, everything scared her + going for a walk was very difficult. she would cower of the floor against a wall everytime a car passed. with the children she would literally jump around 180 each time they ran around. the best way i found helped was to introduce the children to her, aproaching slowly from the front 3-4 times a day, and allowed her to have her own ‘safe space’ she could go to where she could observe the goings on around her without being approached by the children. gradually over time she got used to the children and is absolutely fine with them. i even walked in the other day to find one child sat on her back holding her collar whilst she ran back an forth between the other children (needless to say this child got a telling off, but my rottie was smothered in praise for behaving so well 🙂 a complete turn around for her in only a few months

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