8 month old rottie limping but no pain

by Des

I don’t know if this is where I ask a question but I’ve viewed a lot of your and googles Q&A’S.

My Titan just started limping this morning. He was uncomfortable when i stretched his front left elbow but then he stretched it out on his own 5 min after. No pain just uncomfortable. No pain when i squeezed the middle of his leg. But he’s stayed the same dopey fun dog, still playing with his toys and acting happy.

I believe in home remedies before bringing pets to the vet, especially if the pet doesnt seem to be in pain. Our vet really packs on the $$$ while being vague.

Any at home tips would be great or warning signs of impending doom then Ill for sure take him to the vet! Thanks!

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Jan 08, 2017

by: Susan

Hi Des. Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, sometimes a submission falls through the cracks and I don’t see it in a timely fashion!

Hopefully Titan is doing better by now, but if not then a trip to the veterinarian would be recommended.

Rottie pups are big, heavy and often clumsy, and it’s not unusual for them to tweak something when playing. It’s possible your pup did this and it’s a minor discomfort which will pass. Panosteitis is also another possibility if the discomfort is more long-term. Damage to the knee ligament such as stretching or tearing is also a more remote possibility, this usually causes significant lameness and real pain, but as Rottweilers have a high pain tolerance it can be difficult to tell whether or not they’re really hurting.

So… short-term limping that doesn’t seem to be accompanied by real pain is often a ‘wait-and-see’ for 24 hours type thing. But if it extends past that time-frame or a pup/dog can’t put weight on one leg or is in pain, then definitely a trip to the vet for evaluation is needed.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you both! ~ Sue

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