7 yr old pooping close to doors outside

by kim

six months old she is a rotten/lab

six months old she is a rotten/lab

My 7 year old rottweiler is starting to poop near the doors why would she start doing this?

Hi Kim
If your dog has suddenly changed her behavior, then she has a reason.. but it can certainly be difficult to figure out how a dog’s mind works sometimes!

If she’s pooping close to the door because she is squatting the minute she gets outside it could be that her bowel control is not as good as it once was.

Maybe she is desperate to ‘go’ by the time you let her out. If you think this might be the problem perhaps adding a couple of extra potty breaks each day would help.

Or is she showing any signs of lameness, limping or pain in her joints? Older Rotties may develop arthritis, hip problems and so on. If this is the case maybe it hurts her to walk very far and so she just stops and squats as soon as she can.

Rottweilers have a high tolerance for pain, so it’s possible that she’s suffering somewhat without actually showing any symptoms or distress.

If neither of these possibilities seem to ‘fit’, then it could just be one of those odd little habits dogs can suddenly develop. Perhaps putting her on a leash to take her outside would help, that way you could walk her further away from the door and once she’s done that for a few weeks it could break this odd habit.

Hope some of this helps, if it doesn’t or you’re concerned that this problem could be health-related or it gets worse then please do take your dog to your veterinarian for a check up.

Best of luck!

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more info on my 7 yr old pooping close to the door outside NEW
by: kim

She has been the BEST dog I have EVER had and I think it might have something to do with getting older, she will walk around the whole yard and then squat and poop close to the door sometimes. It is odd, like it hits her or it is one last thought before she comes in. I am going to try to pick her poop up and put it on the outer parts of the yard to see if she gets the hint. I had her anul glands removed about a year or more ago and wonder if it along with age just makes it tough for her to know when she has to go. Although she doesn’t and has never been the known to have accidents in the house. I do notice her getting lazy and acting older lol….so am I though 🙂

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