7 month old rottweiler at correct weight for his age? How much will he weigh when adult?

I have a 7 month old Rottweiler he weighs 86lb. Is this a good weight for him. He is not fat you can feel his spine and ribs easily.

His dad weighs about 135lb and his mom weighs 90lb do you think he will be close to his dad’s size or his mom’s?

86 lbs at 7 months is on the high side of average, but ‘average’ is just a guideline! Many, many pups will be over, or under, the average weight/height. In fact there is no such thing as an average dog really!

It sounds as though your Rottweiler pup is at the right weight for his height and stage of development. He’s an adolescent and still has a lot of growing to do, probably not being mature until at least 2 years of age, most likely later.

Most puppies will mature to be somewhere between the weights of their mom and their dad, with male puppies being closer to the dad’s weight. You can find out more about all of this on my Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart page.

Do remember as well, that Rottweilers weren’t meant to be extra-large dogs, and size is most definitely not everything! This is a working breed and they shouldn’t be too heavy, or too large. Correct conformation includes falling within a certain weight/height range, but temperament, proportion, movement and more are hugely important – more so than size.

You can find out more about the ‘perfect Rottweiler’ on my Rottweiler Breed Standard page.

Hope this answers your questions. Best of luck with your pup.

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Dec 18, 2016

7 month old male German/yugoslavian Rottweiler NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a 7 month old German/yugoslavian rott. He is 80.9lbs. And is a good 2 1\2 feet tall at his back . The mother is about 140lbs and the male is around 200lbs. We were told that the yugoslavian dogs are bigger.

Oct 07, 2015

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picture please 🙂 NEW
by: Judy

Hi there.. my girl Angel is 1 yr old on New Years and she weights 92 lbs..you can see her on the puppy pics site..will send a photo in the new year and update..they say if you double their weight @3 months and add 20 lbs it should give you an estimated range of weight..would love to see a picture of him..cheers.

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