7 month old puppy walking funny. almost limp like.

by brent schacher

My puppy is 7 months and walks funny. Almost like his right front paw hurts. But it looks fine. Could he just be growing uneven or something.

He’s not full rottie he also has bull mastiff and pit bull in him.

When he walks it looks like hes almost limping but when he plays he can pounce around and run just fine.

Hi Brent
It sounds as though your puppy may be suffering from something called ‘Pano’. It’s pretty common in large and giant breed puppies, and usually affects a pup of 6 months or older, generally showing up as lameness or limping in the front leg/s first.

It’s basically inflammation in the bone and is self-limiting for most puppies (meaning that they grow out of it, often without treatment). However, if it gets to be severe or causes a lot of pain/discomfort or swelling, a trip to the vet is in order as there are medications that can help.

You can learn all about this condition on this page… Panosteitis. Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Apr 26, 2012

Connie makes a good point… NEW
by: Sue from a-love-of-rottweilers.com

I should have included this advice in my answer, so thanks for pointing it out Connie!

Although it sounds like Pano from what you describe, it’s impossible to be sure about a diagnosis without a hands-on evaluation from a veterinary professional.

A trip to the veterinary clinic is always in order at times like this just to be safe 🙂

Apr 11, 2012

limping could bes NEW
by: connie

it also could be elbow dysplasia. there are 4 types and i all the breeds you named are prone to getting it plus it show up in young pups, mostcommon in males. i would take him to the vet and have an x-ray of both front legs as if it is in one it is usually in the other. will lead to arthritis. if it is osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease is incurable, but treatment can substantially improve the dog’s life.

Apr 10, 2012

sorry NEW
by: Captain Nancy

I forgot to put my name on the could be a couple of things. Captain Nancy replying

Apr 10, 2012

could be a couple of things NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine did the same thing and xrays can tell you if its pano or osteocondrosis (OCD)which is what he had. They grow toooooooooo fast for bones or cartiledge to keep up and it is painful. My puppy wanted to walk on grass not on pavement and I kept him from running on hard surfaces. He did need painmeds to get thru it all. I kept him from playing hard for months but it did go away with no long term effects.

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