7 mo old Rottie leaking after spay


by Maria
(Union, NJ)



Right after spaying my Rotie start leaking in her sleep. Took her to the vet and she put her on antibiotics and said her hormones probably off since she has been spayed. She has only seen this in older dogs and can’t figure this out. I insisted on a urine test which was negative and a bladder x-ray to rule out stones. Then she put her on DES which didn’t help at all so she said take her to a specialist in Tinton Falls.

My dentist said I might want a second opinion before we went to a specialist so tomorrow we will go for that and see what he says. Not in any pain eats and drinks and plays with her other 2 dogs and is as happy as can be. Went to school for 16 sessions and came out 1st in the class. I just have to know what the problem is because they said if I don’t do anything that can cause trouble.

Being on hormones the rest of her life is not the answer for me only if it is the last resort. Please help if u can. Someone said to try Propin but I wouldn’t try anything without a vets consent. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Maria
I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through with Heidi – by the way she’s an adorable puppy :o)

Unfortunately some dogs do develop a ‘leaky bladder’ after being spayed, but it can be a temporary problem due to the surgery itself, or a more permanent one in terms of low estrogen levels.

I’d definitely get a second opinion, but a specialist is most likely to have all the experience and knowledge that you need in this situation.

I know that the thought of having your pup on hormone pills on a long-term basis isn’t a good one, but if it’s necessary to prevent the leaking then it may be the route you have to follow. Generally in this situation, after the initial period, the medication can be given weekly, and it’s such a small amount that side effects are rare and it’s not terribly costly.

Obviously this isn’t the ideal scenario, and I hope that Heidis’ problem is of the temporary variety, however only a vet can determine that.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope Heidi is doing much better soon.

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Feb 09, 2013


Rottwieler and Leaking Bbladder NEW
by: TrooperGirl

Anonymous: What did your vet do to suppress her bladder?
I had just gotten a rescue Rottie approx. 1.5 years old (“Zena” my warrior Princess) about 6 days ago. The sad thing is that they cut her open only to find that someone else had already spayed her. The area of the incesion began to bulge a bit and no appearant signs of infections but I still took her to the vet. He gave her some amoxicillian and guess I will give that a few days to see some improvement.
She currently is pretty much healed up from the incesion but her bladder is leaking. She tries to clean it up right away.. its really sad. Its almost as if she is doing it so she doesnt get into trouble.
If ANYONE has any idea’s that would be helpful we would really appreciate it.
Trooper Girl and Xena

Aug 31, 2010


by: samantha

My rottie did some leaking earlier in life, I cant remember if it was after she was first spayed or not, but it did not last long.sorry I have no answers, but I wish you and her the best

Aug 31, 2010


spaying our dog
by: Anonymous

We had our Sarah spayed when she was 5 1/2 months old. We had the same problem with her. She was housebroken and started going in the house. We called our vet and he said they had to suppress her bladder and that was probably the problem. After 3 weeks she was fine.

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