6 year Rottweiler female urinating in the house

by gary
(united kingdom)

my 6 year old rottweiler has started to urinate in the house she has not done this before could it be a health problem?



Hi Gary
As this is a sudden change in behavior and she’s been housebroken for some time, my guess would be that it IS a health problem of some sort.

The most likely culprit is a urinary tract infection. These are fairly common but do need to be treated with antibiotics to prevent more serious issues from developing.

A nerve or muscle problem is also a possibility, but less likely. She’s an older dog (Rottweilers have an average life expectancy of around 9 years), but it’s probably not an incontinence problem just yet.

I strongly suggest having her examined by your vet right away so that you can find out what’s causing this problem and have it treated. Best of luck, hope she’s doing much better soon.

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