5 Supplements for Dog Joints and Hip Dysplasia

Your dog is getting older and that means they’re going to need some special care to keep them in the best shape possible. But how can you make sure that they’re getting the care they need? One thing you can do is give them quality supplements for dog joints and hips. And we can help you figure out what they may need. 

Supplements for Dog Joints and Hips Buying Guide

Before buying supplements it’s worth doing some research about what your dog needs and what different types of supplements do and contain, particularly if you have a sensitive dog, or one that suffers from allergies. We’ve compiled a list of key features you can look out for when buying supplements. They’ll help you get quality supplements your dog can benefit from. 


You want to look at all of the different ingredients that are included in the supplements you give your dog. If you don’t, you could find yourself with far too much of something you don’t need. If your dog is eating a balanced and healthy diet, then adding supplements at random may well have no benefit, while in some cases actually overloading their diet that could be harmful. While most joint supplements include glucosamine, and chondroitin, not all of them do and these can help with other aspects of your dog’s health needs.

Talk with your vet about the specific ingredients that will help your dog feel their best and then make sure that you are getting a supplement that works for them. Higher levels of these ingredients and others can be good for dogs that have more health problems but if you get too much of any vitamin or mineral it could be a problem for your dog as well, especially those with sensitive stomachs.

Here is a list of the four most popular supplements often found when buying these products:


Found naturally around the joints, Glucosamine helps to build cartilage and it is can be helpful in treating and relieving arthritis as well as maintaining general joint mobility. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Common in supplements for humans, fish oil is equally common in animal supplements. Packed with fatty omega-3 acids, fish oil helps alleviate skin issues and helps ensure the health of the dog’s coat. There is some evidence that it can help with arthritis. 


Found naturally in certain vitamins, antioxidants help fight illness and disease. Dogs are exposed to a lot more toxins than humans throughout their day to day, and antioxidants help combat this. They can help boost immune systems for older dogs in particular and ease inflammation – a symptom of a wide variety of other health issues. 


There are more types of formats than you might think when it comes to these supplements for your dog. While chewable tablets are the most common, you can also find liquids and even standard pills for your dog. Find something that they are going to take well as you won’t get any health benefits if your dog doesn’t actually take the supplement the way that they need to. The easier it is to feed them the supplement the better.

For some dogs a chewable supplement is just like a treat and they will happily (and easily) take these supplements directly from you. On the other hand, some dogs prefer a liquid that is poured over their food and that they may or may not even realize is there. For others, it’s easier to give them an actual pill than try to ‘trick them’ or you may prefer the standard format over other varieties.


It’s crucial that you’re getting high quality supplements for your dog and that you’re looking at who is manufacturing them. Don’t let your dog get anything that is made by less than reputable manufacturers as you don’t know what might be included in the product. Also, make sure that you’re getting more of the vitamins and minerals themselves and less filler ingredients in the pills or tablets.

It is normal for some filler ingredients to be used as binding agents within the supplement that you choose, but you want to be sure that you are not getting too much of these as they could be detrimental to your dogs health. By ensuring quality you will be able to get your dog the health benefits that they need as they continue to get older.

Supplements for Dog Joints and Hips – Reviews

There are plenty of supplements out there to help your dog, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. 

1. Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Soft Chews

[amazon box=”B01G3V3P0Q“]

For dogs that have trouble with their joints, evidenced by difficulty with stairs, getting into vehicles or even going for standard walks, Cosequin can be a great option. This product is designed to improve the health of joints and skin as well as your dog’s coat, so they’re going to feel better and they’re going to look better all at the same time. But even more importantly, these supplements are designed to be easy for them to take.

Nutramax chews are soft, which makes them better for older dogs. They’re also easier to digest because of the soft format. They’re great even for long-term use, so you don’t have to worry about stopping their use with your dog. And you can rest assured you’re getting high quality ingredients as these are manufactured right in the United States with the best ingredients from around the world. Made by the top recommended brands from vets, these chews can offer the best of the best for your dog.


·         Soft chews for older dogs

·         Includes omega-3 for added health benefits

·         Manufactured in the US


·         Dry out quickly in the bag

2. Nutramax Dasuquin Chewables

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Designed for large dogs, these chews provide more than just general joint help for your dog. They’re actually a blend of ingredients that are specially formulated to get your dog even better joint health. This includes plenty of antioxidants that come from decaffeinated green tea extract, Boswellia serrata, and a whole lot more. They also come in a chewable form that’s easier to get your dog to eat and especially for older dogs.

This product is made in the USA from ingredients that are sourced around the world. It also includes ingredients that are designed to provide high quality benefits like glucosamine, chondroitin, avocado, and more. Your dog gets a product that is designed to stimulate cartilage building and cut down on the breakdown of those ingredients. Plus it offers general antioxidants to help them feel and look better at the same time. This product is one of the top recommended by veterinarians and can be used with both dogs and cats.


·         Recommended by veterinarians

·         Includes multiple ingredients to help with joints

·         Made in the USA


·         Includes artificial flavors

·         Some reports of drowsiness

3. Cosequin Maximum Strength plus MSM

[amazon box=”B003ULL1NQ“]

If you’re looking for a high quality product that is going to give your dog even more of the health benefits of Cosequin then this maximum strength product may be the way to go. For older dogs or those with more advanced health problems, this product can help them to get stronger, healthier joints and also help to make them feel up to the task of playing like they used to (or at least for the most part since they are getting older).

The chewable tablets taste like chicken, which means your dog thinks that they’re getting a treat even though they’re actually getting a supplement. Not to mention these tablets are made in the USA with some of the best ingredients you’ll find anywhere in the world. They’re great for even longer term use so your older dog can continue to see health benefits for a long time to come. Researched and tested to ensure the best possible benefits, these pills also include added vitamins and minerals for other health benefits.


·         Higher strength for more advanced health problems

·         Safe for dogs of all sizes

·         Chicken flavor your dog will like better


·         Reconsider if your dog is prone to allergies

·         Tablets are quite large

4. Zesty Paws Core Elements Chews

These joint chews definitely look more fun than the ones that come in standard supplement bottles, but they’re also good quality. And they taste like duck, which means that your dog will likely think that they’re a treat and be more willing to eat the soft chews. They’re great for older dogs and those with hip and joint problems because they contain a range of ingredients including MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

Good for all sizes and breeds of dogs, these supplements do not contain soy, corn, or wheat, so your dog is getting the high quality chew that they need. The supplement also provides improvement to cartilage, connective tissue, and joints, which is great for their overall health hand helping them feel better at the same time. They will also get Alaskan fish oil and vitamin C included in this supplement for added benefits and protection.


·         No corn, wheat, or soy included

·         MSM included for added muscle support

·         Easy to eat chewable format


·         Not ideal for more picky dogs

·         Bites tend to crumble

5. Liquid Health Pets Supplement

For those who want something a little different for their dog, this liquid is actually easy to pour over the top of their regular food to give them the supplement they need. This can be even better for dogs that are more picky or who don’t want to take additional products. It helps with all the same things you’ll get with other joint supplements and then some, including maintaining cartilage, improving joint health and increasing mobility.

This supplement contains glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and more. Not to mention it’s tested and purified to keep out any chemicals that could be harmful to your dog. Great for older and younger dogs of different sizes, this liquid is made in the USA and does not include sugar, wheat, starch, yeast, corn, soy, milk, or gluten, which means you’re getting less filler and a whole lot more of the ingredients that your dog actually needs.


·         Easy to feed to dogs with liquid form

·         Includes ingredients for all around health

·         Low to no flavor for adding to other foods


·         Not ideal for more sensitive stomachs

·         Can be too strong for some dogs


You may have some questions just like anyone else who wants what’s best for their dog. So, what are you going to do? The best thing is to make sure you check out these questions before you buy. 

Do all older dogs need supplements?

The truth is that all dogs don’t necessarily need supplements as they get older, but most of them will probably need some support as they get older. You’ll end up needing to help them with some of the normal tasks that they do on a daily basis simply because their body will start to break down. This is the same as a human getting older, so keep in mind that it’s entirely normal and just needs a little extra attention overall.

You’ll be able to help your dog with supplements if you know what type of health problems they’re experiencing and you take the time to work with them then you’ll definitely see benefits. Make sure that you talk with their vet to find out more about the type of supplements that they might need and the quantity of those supplements as well.

When should I start giving my dog supplements?

You should give your dog supplements when they need them. There is no specific age that you should start feeding your dog supplements but as they start to have any type of health problems you want to talk with their vet and find out more about what to do.

Some dogs may need supplements earlier than others, especially if they are larger breeds which can have more health problems. Joint problems especially are common with larger breeds of dogs, especially at a younger age.

What supplements should I avoid for my dog?

In general it’s not the supplement itself that you need to avoid, it’s the ingredients in the supplement. Some ingredients that are added to your dogs supplements may not be good for them in larger doses and some may be bad even in smaller doses. For example, 5 HTP or caffeine are generally not good for your dog.

Fluoride and xylitol are extremely bad and need to be avoided at all costs, even in smaller doses. Make sure that you look at the ingredients list of any supplement that you plan to give to your dog so you can be sure that it doesn’t include harmful ingredients.

Find the Supplements for Dog Joints and Hips That’s Right for You

Keeping your dog safe and healthy is always going to be important for you. So, make sure you’re doing everything you can by starting with some supplements that are going to help them feel and act their best, no matter their age. 

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