4 year old female excessive shedding! is this normal?

by Kristie

We are blessed to have acquired a 4 year old female named Jezebel from a friend of ours when she was about 1. she sheds like crazy! only twice a year, spring and fall.

My pomeranian doesn’t even shed like this! what can i do to help?

I don’t want to stop a natural process but if there are any steps i can take to make it easier…there is black hair all over the place. thanks!

Hi Kristie
One of the less well-known facts about Rottweilers is that they’re most definitely ‘shedders’!

It is much worse during the major season change-overs (as you’ve noticed), and for females after they give birth. But, they still need grooming regularly and a daily brush goes a long way towards reducing the mess indoors.

As someone who has to remember to check cups and bowls for dog (or cat) hair before I use them, I can tell you the FURminator deShedding Tool can really help. It won’t make your home a totally hair-free zone, but it will make it a lot better.

You can also buy dietary supplements and shampoos that are supposed to reduce shedding, and these may be helpful although I haven’t tried them myself.

I hope this helps, Jezebel looks like a real sweetie and I wish you the best of luck with her.

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