3 yr old male sweet but will growl when my kids give him any attention.

by Leane
(Sonma ca )

Ok, I had to rotties before. He loves cats, small dog, everything, but when one of my girls who’s 15 want to say hi or tell him to come he growls.

Then my boy who is 12 – the same thing.

This Rottie is the best but I can’t handle him growling even if they pet him!

Please give me some answers to help with what I can do. Thanks owner of Skylar best dog ever.

Hi Leane
This growling is a warning that Skylar is giving your teenagers, and it seems as though he is treating them as if they were adolescent puppies, rather than children. This is not okay and you do definitely need to correct it, firmly but lovingly and with patience and understanding.

However, you also need to help him learn that your children have more authority in the family than he does and that they are also ‘in charge’ (just as you and the other adult family members are). This is fairly straightforward to do, but it takes time and effort and consistency.

I get asked this same question many times and there is a page on my site that has the answers I’ve given to other owners. I think you’ll find the answers you need there too if you read it carefully. Here’s the link…

Growling Behavior In Rottweilers

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your Rottie.

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Oct 10, 2015

jack NEW
by: Anonymous

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Apr 03, 2012

Is it really aggression ? NEW
by: John

My Rot will also growl when my kids pet her but as soon as they stop petting she will lick them in the face!!

Mar 12, 2012

they really speak 🙂 NEW
by: girish

rottys are one of the intelligent breed.

as Sue advised, Growling – correct immediately.

but as a rotty owner i will agree to comment that They really talk to us 😀

they are smart and can communicate with us
the diff. pitch and tone voice diff. way of communicating.

last week we forgot to take rocky out to do potty late night and he was calmly waiting. the moment we closed the main door and grill and gone inside switching off light.
he came runing and making noice and then running towards main door and sat there 😀

oops. then we realised we forgot to take him out for potty 😀

Mar 06, 2012

growling NEW
by: lea boyd

Are you sure it’s a growl ? I have a 7 year old, that’s how he talks to us, he’s done it all his life.He tells me he loves me and even calls me momma.lol, I love my Heavy so much !

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