Community Corner

Harley – 12 year old Rottie mix

She is the Queen of our home. She just turned 12 and has had a lot of health problems this last year. She loves being outside, very protective of our adult daughters & granddaughters, Son-in-laws […]

Feeding Bowls

5 Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs

Large dogs are going to need to eat more than their smaller counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you want to get just any bowl for them. You want something that’s going to look good while […]

Dog Puzzle Toys

5 Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is a key part of their well-being. That includes playing with your dog, but it’s also important that they can keep themselves stimulated when you’re not around. Dog puzzle toys […]

Dog Harness

5 Best Big Dog Harnesses

If you have a large dog you’re definitely going to need a way to keep them under control when you’re taking them out. Harnesses can be used for greater control, or even so your dog […]

Pee Pads

5 Best Pee Pads for Large Dogs

For those who want to train their dog to go to the bathroom in specific areas, dog pee pads are essential. But how do you find the best dog pee pads and make sure that […]

About Rottweilers

About The German Rottweiler

  “I want a German Rottweiler. They’re better” “Only German Rottweilers have those big heads!”  “German-bred Rotties are superior to the American ones.” These sorts of comments can be heard every day, but are they […]