About Rottweilers

Why Rottweilers Don’t Have Cropped Ears

Do Rottweilers have cropped ears? No, it’s rare to see Rottweilers with cropped ears as it’s not part of the official breed standard. It’s far more common for them to have cropped tails, which is […]

Health Issues

Diseases from Ticks in Dogs

Diseases from ticks are a constantly increasing threat to human and dog health. These little parasites attach to the skin of people and animals to feed on blood and thus transmit diseases in the bloodstream […]

Health Issues

Dog Eye Diseases – Causes and Treatments

The dog’s eyes are a complex apparatus that makes it possible for them to see the beautiful world we live in. Unfortunately, they are also very sensitive organs and can be affected by many different […]

Health Issues

Dog Heart Diseases – Symptoms and Treatments

Approximately 10% of canines examined by veterinarians suffer from some of the common dog heart diseases. They are also referred to as cardiovascular illnesses. Unlike the ones affecting other organs and body systems, cardiovascular problems […]

Mixed Breeds

Rottweiler Chow Mix – More Than Just a Designer Dog

Credit @guccitherottiechow Designer dogs are fast becoming popular nowadays. These are dogs that have purebred parents of different breeds. An example of a designer dog is the Rottweiler Chow Mix. What is a Rottweiler Chow […]