2 Year old Rottweiler (male) + Basset Hound puppy (female)?

by Bekkie
(middleburg. mpumalanga. south Africa)

I have a 2 year old Rottweiler male. He’s not very aggressive but only when he needs to be.

I’m going to get a Basset Hound puppy girl.

Wil my rottweiler see her as competition and kill her? I’m really afraid of that.

Hi Bekkie
If your Rottie is aggressive and dominant by nature, doesn’t get along with other dogs, and has a strong prey drive, then I would think twice about adding another dog/cat or any pet to your home.

However, this would be unusual and a well-bred and properly raised Rottweiler would rarely behave this way.

If your Rottie is generally good natured, gets along with other dogs, and is well trained, then the chances are that he’ll do just fine with a new puppy. There’s absolutely no reason to think he would kill her.

Getting a female is the best idea, as there’s more chance of conflict when you add another dog of the same sex. Adult dogs are usually very tolerant of puppies and recognize that they are just small dogs. In fact sometimes it’s the older dogs who need to be protected from the rowdy puppies!

Just make sure that you supervise them and don’t leave them alone together until you’re absolutely sure that they get along. Let them sort out their relationship for themselves as much as possible, and don’t interfere unless you really think someone is going to get hurt. A little growling or ‘fussing’ is to be expected at least at first. You can read all about adding another pup to the family on this webpage.. Introducing A New Puppy

I hope this helps, best of luck with your dog/s.

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Feb 22, 2011


Adding to question
by: Bekkie

Thank you for answering my question it helps alot.
He grew up with my 2 cats and he like to play with them. He never tried to eat them. But he plays a bit to rough.
In that case I think its save to add a puppy…..

Thanks a lot Bekkie

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