2 Year Old Rottie seems to lick his male area frequently

by Irin
(Phoenix Arizona)

Tiberius is 2 1/2 years old and it seems he constantly licks his penis (Skin actually, not the penis itself from what I can tell).

I have observed a drop of milky substance on the opening. I hope this isn’t too personal and that I don’t offend anyone.


Hi Irin
Don’t worry, your dog isn’t alone in this and I’m sure that no Rottie owners here will be upset by your question.

Dogs do reguarly clean this area themselves, it’s perfectly natural in moderation. However if you think he is licking more than he should it’s possible that there’s some irritation there.

Canine allergies can cause excessive licking, but most often it’s the paws, legs, tail area and belly that is the object of the constant attention. If Tiberius licks at other areas of his body more than normal, shakes his head a lot or paws at his ears, or has any other signs of inflammation or irritated skin, then allergies could be the problem.

If you don’t see any other signs of this, then it’s possible that his constant licking is actually the source of the problem and has set up a constant round of irritation and licking.

When skin gets wet over and over again it can get irritated and itchy, causing more licking to soothe it… which is only a temporary ‘fix’ because although it feels better momentarily it actually makes the problem worse.

The fluid you notice on the end of his penis is also most likely just the normal secretions seen in male dogs on a regular basis. Unless it’s green or thick, or has a bad odor, chances are there isn’t an infection or problem there. BUT I’d suggest having your vet check him out to be sure.

A urinary tract infection can cause burning or irritation, and discharge, and that could also account for his constant licking and seeming discomfort. In this situation you would also likely find that your dog has a more frequent, and urgent, need to pee. Sometimes just passing a drop or two or urine at a time.

Whatever is causing this problem is probably not major, but I’d definitely have him checked out to be on the safe side and your vet should be able to recommend some way to help reduce the irritation that is making him lick at himself so much.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your Rottie.

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Dec 30, 2011

diffrent to non dog owners NEW
by: Girish


its a general question, and nothing offensive for a pet owner.

a pet owner understand this all part of a pets life

best example is when dog owners post dog mated position photos to update others about their new breeding. NON dog owners feel its offensive. where as a pet owner know its the best proof reliable to show case for parentage of new litter awaited 😀

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