2 month Rottweiler pup – she bites!

by Scott Rose
(Atlanta, Georgia.USA)

I have a 2 month old rottie. She is a good calm dog, but when playing she nibbles, sometimes even gives me a little bite, and even barks.

Is that normal for rotties that age?

Hi Scott
It’s totally normal! It’s part of the way puppies interact with each other and is normal canine behavior at this age. In fact ALL puppies of this age nip, bite and ‘mouth’.

Of course, just because it’s normal that doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to nip and bite humans and it’s important for all pups to learn that this is not okay in the human world!

Firm but loving corrections and lots of patience are needed in this, and all, aspects of puppy training. I’d recommend that you read my Stop Puppy Biting page as it has all the tips and advice you need to put an end to this.

However, don’t expect overnight success it takes time and patience for a puppy to learn new things – they’re only babies after all.

Best of luck with your new pup.

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