2 female rottweilers, age 13 weeks old, fighting

I have two female rottweilers and the older they become, the more they fight most of the time. What can I do to prevent this?

From other people and reading some of the other question/answer from this site I’m clueless as to what to do, I love both, but I can’t put up with the fighting, it scares me.

I’m a brand new rottweiler owner, Please give me your expertise in this matter.

One is very aggressive more than the other.

This is why it’s not advisable to get two pups (or dogs) of the same sex I’m afraid, even if they’re littermates!

Generally as young puppies they’ll get along fine, and sometimes it stays that way with them being friends even as adults, but unfortunately most of the time they will begin to get into conflict with each other as they mature. As these pups are only 13 weeks old it’s early to see real fighting, but as you say one is more ‘aggressive’ than the other it could be that she has a very dominant personality and that has sped up the process.

This is difficult to deal with and obviously with dogs as big and strong as Rottweilers any serious fights can result in real damage. Dealing with this is challenging even for experienced Rottweiler owners, and I can imagine how scary and difficult it is for you. It’s not your fault but probably your lack of confidence is making the situation worse because they need a very strong leader here.. one who will be able to control them both and defuse problems. Even then this doesn’t always work, but if they feel that you’re not in control then the more dominant one of the pair will consider herself the ‘leader’ I’m afraid.

I’d strongly suggest getting them both into formal training classes right away as it will help you to gain confidence with them and help to show them that you are in charge. You may also want to get some private training sessions and help to become more adept at dealing with them.

I know that you love them both and obviously you want to do what’s best for them and make sure no-one gets hurt. It may be that the best way to do that is actually just to raise one of them though and find an excellent, loving home for the other one. It’s much easier to find good homes for dogs when they’re puppies, and right now they’re still young. If you wait it could be much harder.

Needless to say it’s always tricky finding good homes for Rottweilers and similar breeds because they seem to attract the attention of potential owners who don’t understand them, and want one so that they’ll appear ‘macho’ or for other wrong reasons. So if you decide to go that route, please be very picky about the person you allow to take your pup.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a more positive answer here, but given all the elements here I’m concerned that you may have bitten off more than you can chew (it happens!) and that you really need some professional help and perhaps even to rethink the whole situation.

It can probably be ‘managed’ with lots of work on your part, but only you can make the call as to whether you think you’re up to it. I wish you lots of luck and hope that the situation gets resolved in a way that keeps everyone happy.

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Jul 16, 2011


2 female rotties also
by: Andrea Carde

We have 2 female rotties also, we started with one (got her at 9wks, Daisy) but she was nipping and chasing the kids so much that my husband suggested getting a playmate for her….so we got Molly 3 wks later. They are both the same age but not littermates. It was the best decision we ever made. I’ve never had much experience with dogs in my life and here I am the owner of 2 rotties! I too was concerned about being the “leader” with them and so we got Barkbusters in home dog training and it has done wonders!!! They do playfight and yes one has established dominance (daisy of course) but one thing that works well is spraying them with a spraybottle or shaking a can with coins in it to get their attention when fighting.. also helpful to esstablish that you are pack leader, don’t allow them to pass through doorways before you, or walk ahead of you, teach them to “sit” before you give them the food….hope this helps, 2 girls are GREAT!!! enjoy them 🙂

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