15 week old has torn ligarment

by anthony

i have a 15 week old female rotty called sukki. not long got back from the vets but i need to know more about her problem.

it looks like she has a broken cas ligament in her back leg the vet said she not seen it before in such a young dog (please say she not the only one to have this problem at her age). i’ve got to wait till monday to find out the best treatment (which i’m not sure on) i’d like to know what treatment might be best and what it entails, will it be a problem for the rest of her life?

Hi Anthony
I think you’re saying that Suki may have torn the cruciate ligament in her rear leg, and although this is actually not rare in Rotties, it is more often seen in older, heavier dogs.

However, pups grow very rapidly, and their joints tend to be weak and easily injured, so a big jump, a fall, or stepping in a hole when running, etc. can cause this sort of injury in a dog of any age. I’m sure she’s not the only that it’s happened to!

Depending on how severe the damage is, she may need surgery, but only your vet or a specialist vet can really make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. If the damage is properly repaired then her leg should be fine after an appropriate recovery period. Again, your vet will be the best person to fill you in on all this, I’m not a vet so I can only give general advice/opinion.

I’m sorry that your poor pup has to deal with such an injury so young, but with the right care I’m sure she will recover fully. Best of luck.

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