11 month old rottie bitch won’t listen and pulls a lot whilst out walking

by Lin

Hi, i have an 11 month old rottweiler bitch, everytime i take her out it’s a constant battle with her pulling, she just does not listen!

I have a harness on her and i have to put the lead across her front legs to give my arm a rest when she pulls. Would a halter help? She’s a very muscly dog and i’m afraid i’m going to have to accept defeat and probably just sell her if she doesn’t stop.

Any tips or advice

Hi Lin
Just about every dog in the world will pull on the leash if they’ve not been properly leash trained. Unfortunately due to the size and strength of a Rottie, it’s much more difficult to deal with than if you owned a miniature or small breed dog!

However, to sell your pet because of this would be extreme, and personally I feel it would be very unfair to her. Dogs don’t naturally understand that you want them to walk beside you and your very best bet is to get her enrolled in a formal obedience class where you can learn how to show her what you expect. Just pulling on the leash/collar/harness and telling her ‘no’ isn’t going to work I’m afraid.

Meantime, you would be best to get a proper training collar for her – a prong collar – as it’s likely to be more effective than a harness. Used correctly the prong collar works much better than a regular chain ‘choke’ collar and is safer as well.

There’s also an innovative product designed by Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) which seems to work much better than a regular harness and can replace a prong collar. It’s called the The Illusion Dog Collar and Leash . I haven’t tried this myself as I always use a prong collar, but it’s getting great reviews and might be something that would work better for you.

All in all, leash training takes time, patience and the right approach. Rottweilers are very smart and willing to please, if you learn to show your Rottie exactly what you want from her in a way she understands then you will be able to have her walking nicely with you given some time. Some hands-on help from a dog trainer will achieve this more quickly than if you try to do it alone

Hope I’ve helped some and I wish you the best of luck.

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Nov 14, 2011


prong collars NEW
by: charlotte

I have a 3 yr old male that was a “yard dog for the first year and a half of his life and was very difficult for me to walk beings that Zeus wieghs as much as I do. I was given the WONDERFULL suggestion on this site to try a pronged collar and training. Although I did the training myself Zeus responded VERY well, and no longer pulls while I’m walking him. I was using a standard choke collar and hated walking him because he would littlerally choke himself. Witht he pronged collar the second he trys to pull I give him a “pop” of the collar and he is rite back at my side!
Rotties are to me the smartest breed and learn very quick!!!!!! Using love and consistancy I am sure you two will get thru this..

Best of luck to you!!!!=)

Nov 13, 2011


Won’t Listen NEW
by: Debby Kendall

Never give up on a Rottweiler although this is a very powerful breed they are also extremely smart Iam sorry however that you think you need to get rid of her she don’t deserve that & I do hope that you may think of some help in training her first.

Nov 12, 2011


collars NEW
by: Julie

Hi I have been using the Cesar Millan collar and it is quite good. It acts like the slip collar but not made of steel and the two bottom collars keep the slip collar up behind the ear which is where it is surpose to be. The prong collars and similar are banned here in New Zealand so most people use halter or slip chains. The slip chain is only good if used properly. I also use a soft muzzle and only use it for either training or walking and Penny is very good with it and waits to have it put on because she knows we are going out. It helps her to focus when she is wearing it and i find she does not pull as much also keep changing direction when your dog pulls on the lead, hope this all helps. Good luck with your rottie, they are wonderful dogs.

Nov 11, 2011


RE. Pulls alot NEW
by: Anonymous

You did not say what length leash you are using. Most pet stores sell a short 18-24 inch training leash which forces your rottie to walk directly on your side. This may help you and eventually you can move up to the longer leash. Considering gettting rid of her would not be an option I would even consider. Have you contacted any trainers in your area.They should be able to help you address this issue quickly and easily. You have an exceptional dog you may have to spend a few dollars to help her be the best she can be. Best of luck to you both.

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