1 year old female Rottweiler weight and height

by Panagiotis


I have got a 12 months female rottweiler from a breeder , she has a height of 23.3 inches tall and she weights ~76lbs are those normal values?

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Hi Panagiotis. At one year old your Rottie is still not an adult, and she has growing to do. All pups grow and develop at their own pace.

As long as she is eating a nutritious diet and is at a healthy weight for her skeletal frame then this is normal for her. It is a little below average but that’s nothing to worry about unless she isn’t healthy.

Rottweilers were not originally bred to be huge dogs, they’re meant to be large not X-large. Bloodlines and genetics is what determines adult weight of puppies, with diet and health also playing smaller roles. Your pup will likely end up somewhere between the height/weight of her sire and her dam. Most times females are closer to the weight of their dam and males to their sire, but not always.

Just continue to feed her a premium diet designed for large breeds and keep her healthy and wait and see. By 18 months to 2 years of age she will be fully grown, but she may continue to add a little weight even after that.

Hope this answers your question and puts your mind at rest. Best of luck to you both.
~ Sue

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Jul 19, 2017

Feeding – Development NEW
by: Panagiotis

Thank you Sue,

I feed her a combination of dry and cooked food , the dry food i feed her is Platinum dog food , it is 24% meat (lamb) protein , 14% fat , 18% moisture etc it is consider really good food in Europe (it is a German conpany) , I cook her a combination of 70% meat , 10% rice , 20% vegs-fruits.

The last 3,5 months she gained 0,5 inch and 12lbs , she seems really healthy (shiny coat , good stool and really active) and we all love her

I hope for the best,

Best regards,


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