Rottweiler pup with white paws and chest

by john keil
(dubuque iowa)

can a purebred rott have white paws or white chest?

Hi John
Some bloodlines do carry a gene for white patches, particularly the older German lines. However, the amount of white hair is generally small, perhaps a small patch on the chest, and less commonly on the toes.

A few white hairs don't constitute a 'patch' and are allowed in terms of showing, but anything more than that is a serious fault.

You may want to check out my Rare Rottweilers page to learn about the origin of these markings, and my Rottweiler Breed Standard page for information on the 'ideal' rottweiler.

My Rottweiler FAQ's page also has tips and advice on how to determine if your Rottie is purebred.

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My Rottie has white on him?

by Pauline

My Rottie Has White On Him, Does That Mean He's Not A Purebred?

Hi Pauline
No, not necessarily. Even purebred Rottweilers can occasionally be born with a few white hairs, or even small white patches, of hair. This is usually seen on the chest.

It could go back to the early days of the breed when some believe that some herding dogs were bred with the mastiff-type dogs that todays' Rotties descended from.

You can learn more about this on my Red Rottweilers page.

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White patches on my puppies fur (Rottweiler)

by Derby
(syracuse, New York, USA)

I have a seven month old Rottweiler puppy and it seems the bigger she gets my husband and I have noticed some white pages on her legs by her ears and some underneath her body and she is also not full bodied like most that we have seen, her body is leaner.

Can you please give me a little insight on her? When we picked her up both parents were on the premises so we didn't think she was nothing other than full blooded. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Derby
First of all she's only 7 months old so you can expect her to be 'lean' - this is totally normal.

Most pups of this age are 'leggy', out of proportion and may even look a bit scrawny. Rottweilers are a breed that are slow to mature and then are 'lanky teenagers' for a long time! The full height comes first, usually by around 17 - 18 months, and then they put on the rest of their weight, often not reaching their full adult size until they're 2 years old (in the case of the bigger males it can be closer to 3).

As long as you are feeding her a premium puppy food specifically designed for large breed dogs then she is getting the nutrition she needs to grow up strong and healthy. Putting on too much weight too fast is unhealthy anyway, and causes bone/joint problems and even heart problems. I'd suggest that you take a look at both my Best Puppy Food page and my Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart as they have lots of info. that I think you'll find helpful.

When it comes to the white patches in her fur, this is something that is still sometimes seen in purebred Rottweilers, and goes back to the very early days of the breed. In the beginning this breed (as with most others) evolved from a blend of different breeds. There were herding dogs of different varieties in the first Rottweiler lines and a whole host of different colors were acceptable then. You can learn more about the history and origins of this breed on my Rottweiler Dogs and Rottweiler Facts pages.

In the early 20th century the Rottweiler Breed Standard was created in Germany and the dog we now recognize was 'born'.

Depending on the bloodlines of your pup, white may still show up randomly in some pups, generally it's on the chest, but can appear elsewhere. A dog with white markings (a few white hairs don't constitute a 'marking' though) can't be shown as this is a disqualifying feature. However for a pet dog it's not a problem.

If your pups parents both had papers from a reputable registration body such as the AKC, then you can be fairly certain that she's full blooded. If the parents didn't have papers then there are no guarantees, even dogs who LOOK like one breed but are a mix, can carry genes that will show up in their pups and indicate their mixed bloodlines.

As long as your pup is happy and healthy, I wouldn't worry about this too much. Chances are she's exactly what you thought, and she's your loyal and loving friend regardless. Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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Markings of Rottweiler puppies

by Fiona Coulson

Our Rottweiler bitch has just had her first litter of puppies, and indeed it is ours too! She was mated with a dog imported to Kenya from Germany.

Two of the puppies have white stars on their chests and one of these also has a white paw. The owner of the father said that he had these markings as a puppy and they grew out.

Is this something that happens with Rottweilers or should we be concerned that perhaps another dog covered the bitch?

Hi Fiona
White markings on the chest (from a few white hairs to the sort of white patch you describe) do occur in some bloodlines and go back to the very earliest days of the Rottweiler breed when other breeds were part of the genetic makeup. The white paw is less common, but can happen.

If the markings are very small it's possible that they will disappear as the puppies grow up, but if they are patches as opposed to just a few hairs, they may actually get bigger.

Although it's a conformation fault to have white patches, it doesn't affect the dogs health or temperament and doesn't mean that these pups are not purebred. I'd recommend that you take a look at my Red Rottweilers and Rare Rottweilers page as it has more information on the original colors of the Rottweiler breed.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your puppies.

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is it a flaw for my rottweilers nose to have a little gray or white

by Terri Henry
(blountville Tn.)

my rotties nose - the actual nose has slightly got a little white or gray on it she is akc registered.

Hi Terri
A Rottweilers nose should be black, if your pup has some paler pigment on her nose then it would be a flaw in terms of being evaluated for show.

However, when you buy a show quality pup (and have discussed this with the breeder) it would need to fit the Rottweiler Breed Standard, although there is never a guarantee than any individual pup will mature to be show-worthy - it's simply a 'best-guess' by an educated and experienced breeder.

As your pup is most likely going to be a pet rather than a show dog, this shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't mean that she's not a purebred Rottweiler, just that she has a 'fault' or 'flaw' - as do most animals/people ;) It doesn't affect her beauty, temperament or worth to you.

I would mention it to your vet when she gets her check up just to be sure that it's not due to over-dry skin, an infection or anything like that though. Unlikely, but never hurts to check. If she's an older dog and this is a new condition, then definitely have your vet take a look.

Best of luck with your new puppy, enjoy her.

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White on chest of Rottweiler pup

by Mary
(Sibley, LA)

We are thinking of getting another rottweiler, but he has white on his chest.

Could this mean that he is not a full blooded rottie?

Hi Mary
If the pup you are looking at doesn't have papers from a responsible organization such as the AKC, then it is possible that he/she isn't purebred. The only way to be fairly certain that any puppy is purebred, is if it has legitimate papers - but even then there's no absolute guarantee.

However, a white spot on a Rottweiler puppy doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a purebred. White spots do show up on Rottweiler puppies from time to time, most commonly on the front of the chest, but occasionally on the feet. This is a genetic trait and goes back to the very early days of this breed, when other colors were acceptable and not just the black-and-mahogany that you see today.

You can learn more about this on my Rare Rottweilers page.

If you are looking for a show quality pup, then you would not want to choose one with a white patch (unless it was just a matter of a couple of white hairs) as anything more than that is a fault. However, with a pet puppy it isn't anything to worry about.

Hope this helps, best of luck with whatever pup you choose.

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Why do some Rottweilers have white spots and some don't?

by Terri
(Rancho Cucamonga)

I have two rotties and one has a white spot below his collarbone and the other one doesn't? They both came from the same breeds of german rottweiler, the mother or father do not have the white spot. S

hould I be worried, they are both 7 months old. I know they are not mixes because I met the parents. Why the white spot and what does it mean?

Hi Terri
I wouldn't say you need to be 'worried' about this. If your pup with the white spot is a show-potential puppy (and was sold with that type of stipulation) then if it's more than a a few white hairs it could be a fault in terms of conformation.

However, if your pups are pets and not destined for the show ring, a small white spot or mark isn't a problem - and doesn't mean that a pup with this feature isn't a purebred Rottweiler.

I'd recommend that you take a look at my 'Rare' Rottweilers page where you'll learn why some Rottweiler bloodlines do carry the gene for these white patches (and just because a dog doesn't show the patch, it doesn't mean he/she isn't carrying the gene for it or isn't able to produce pups with that color variation).

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your dogs.

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genetics and white patch on Rotties chest

What does it mean when your rottie puppies are born with a white patch on their chest?

A few white hairs, or a small patch of white, on a Rottweiler's chest isn't terribly unusual and can occur in full-bred Rottweilers.

It's a genetic trait and is a 'hangover' from the earliest days of the breed when other color variations were acceptable. It is a fault in terms of conformation, but in a pet it's not a big deal as long as the puppy is otherwise healthy both physically and emotionally.

You can read more about this on my Red Rottweiler page.

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White symmetrical spots developing on my 2 yr old Rottweiler

We adopted a rottweiler from someone about 6 mos ago and in the past 2 mos we have noticed she is developing white spots that appear symmetrically on her.

Her nose has always been pink with some black spots and I am thinking she has some kind of skin pigmentation.

Have you heard of this before and is it something we should be worried about?

I'm not a veterinarian and I think this is a question for you to ask your vet as he/she will be able to give a hands-on exam which will make it easier to see what is going on here.

The only thing I can think of is that your pup is developing vitiligo, which is a skin condition that is related to immune system function. It does occur in Rotties, GSD's, Dobermans and other breeds and is most common in male dogs of 2 years or older. I believe a veterinarian can diagnose this by taking a small skin biopsy. If this is the problem I'm not sure there is an actual 'cure' - although the dogs overall health isn't generally affected, just the skin/hair color. However, certain supplements etc. can help I think. Your vet would be the person to ask.

There are other possibilities for change in coat color, or bald patches of skin etc. such as allergies, or mites, but not for a pink nose as far as I know.

Sorry I can't help more, but I'm sure your own vet will be able to find out what's happening. Best of luck.

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white streak on chest of Rottweiler

Is a rottweiler mixed if it has a white streak from neck to top of its chest.

Not necessarily. The only way to tell for sure if a Rottweiler (or any other breed) is purebred is to only buy a pup/dog whose parents both have AKC (or another reputable registry) papers.

I actually answered a similar question a day or two ago, and if you check out this page.... White Patches On My Rottweiler Puppys' Fur you'll be able to read what I said.

Some bloodlines do throw puppies with white patches now and then, and although it's a disqualifying fault for a show dog, it's not a problem for a pet.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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