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rottweiler rescues

Adopt A Rottweiler & Save A Life

Please consider Rottweiler rescues if you're thinking about adding a Rottie to your family!

There are so many of these wonderful dogs just waiting to find their new 'forever' homes. Most of the time Rottweilers are surrendered, abandoned or rejected for reasons that they are in no way to be blamed for.

Owners have a whole host of reasons why they can no longer keep their pets, some of the most common being...

  • Owners moving home
  • Landlord problems
  • Can't afford the dog anymore
  • Divorce
  • New baby
  • Behavior problems (housebreaking issues, barking, can't train etc.)
  • Dog is ill

....... sadly this list could go on and on. If you really want to be amazed at the wide range of thoughtless, illogical, careless and just downright cruel, reasons people frequently give for surrendering their dogs (and other pets), check out the top lousy excuses for getting rid of a pet. You'll be left with your mouth open!

Rottweiler Rescue Organizations

Luckily there are Rottweiler Rescue Groups all over the US (and in many other countries too) that devote themselves to finding the right homes for as many homeless Rotties as possible.

These Rottie Rescue Organizations are usually run as charitable enterprises and are staffed by teams of dedicated volunteers.

If you're interested in Rottweiler adoption in a specific US State/area, check out my Rottweiler Rescue Groups page to find the contact information for many of these groups.

Of course, the people at these Rottweiler Rescue Organizations don't just give the dogs they're trying to help to any home, sight unseen, or with 'no questions asked'!

They want THIS home to be permanent and to be the perfect 'fit' for each individual dog. To that end they will ask you a fair number of questions, and will also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. This is in everyones' best interests, so don't be put off or discouraged by it.

To learn more about what to expect during the adoption process, what you may be asked, and what questions you need to get answered, check out my Rottweiler Rescue page.

Rottweilers Available For Adoption

Scroll down a little bit to see a selection of Rotties that are in need of that 'forever home' we talked about. Many of them are adult or older dogs, but there are also often a few adolescents and puppies too.

Don't be too 'set' on adopting a Rottweiler puppy, as you may find that one of the older dogs is just what you're looking for.

There are actually a lot of positive reasons to adopt a mature dog - including the fact that they may well be housebroken, at least partly leash trained or obedience trained, have passed the 'chewing' stage and so on.

There are several pages of dogs to look at, scroll down to see all the dogs on each page. Please take your time to look at each of the Rottweiler adoption profiles, and visit the website of Rottweiler Rescue Group who is responsible for that dog.

Taking the time to find the right dog for you, your family and your situation is a big step towards building a long, happy and loving relationship with your new dog. Enjoy....

You can get started right away by checking out this

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The Animal Rescue Site

Search here for more information on Rottweilers or anything else you want to know about this breed........

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For regional lists of Rottweiler Rescue Organizations in the US, check out this link...

Rottweiler Rescue Groups

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