Chronic Diarrhea

by Amy
(North Carolina)

Hi! I have a 2-yr-old male Rott & he has been experiencing diarrhea over the last few weeks. We switched foods: from Gravy Train to Wal-Mart's Ol' Roy (high performance) brand b/c he got to where he wouldn't eat the Gravy Train. Since then, he has been having this problem. Should I change to a more expensive brand of food before taking him to the vet?

He is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, and is NOT lethargic, nor does he have a problem being hungry. I was told to give him nothing but water for 24 hrs, then a bland diet of boiled rice in no salt/oil chicken broth for a week. Our other dog (Spaniel) is not having this problem. Any advice???

Amy B.

Hi Amy
I'd be fairly willing to assume that the digestive upset is due to the change in diet, and I'm afraid that the food brands you mention do not provide the type of nutrition your Rottie needs. They are both high in additives and fillers and as Rottweilers tend to suffer from Canine Allergies it's quite possible that your dog is sensitive, or even allergic, to some of the ingredients.

Find a premium dog food that is specifically designed for large breed dogs (Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, Timberwolf, Innova and Wellness are just some of the top brands on the market) and gradually change him over to that, then give him about 4 - 6 weeks for his body to adjust. If after that time he's still having problems, or if he stops being happy, healthy and active then get him to your vet for evaluation.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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Rottweiler - Sick or not?

How do you know when your rottweiler is sick? Will your rottweiler like lay down, not eat or what will it do?

It really depends on what is wrong as to which symptoms a dog will display if it's sick. However, in general a dog who won't (or can't) eat or drink, is lethargic and whose behavior is different to normal should be evaluated by a veterinarian.

Check out my Dog Diseases And Symptoms page and my Canine Health Issues to learn more.

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mucus discharge during urinating

by cher hall
(ocala, fl)

I have a 6 month old rottie pup that seems to have a mucus discharge from her vaginal area.

It seems much more prevalent when she is excited, or has been holding her pee after a day home by herself.

I am wondering if this is a normal thing, or something i should be taking her to the vet for?

Hi Cher
As your pup is 6 months old, this discharge could indicate that she's getting ready for her first heat cycle (providing she's not been spayed already of course).

Many puppies have an increase in vaginal discharge leading up to that first cycle, and it's due to the rapidly rising hormone levels. This usually subsides after the heat cycle is over, and isn't noticeable (or at least much LESS noticeable) with future cycles.

However, if she's already been spayed, or seems uncomfortable, distressed, or 'out of sorts', I'd have her checked out by your veterinarian. That way you can rule out infection, or an underlying health issue.

If you're also noticing that she needs to urinate much more often than normal, and sometimes only passes a few drops of urine, it's possible she has a urinary tract infection. These are pretty common in puppies, especially female pups, and a quick trip to the vet for antibiotics is needed. Untreated, a UTI can develop into something more serious.

I always recommend being safe rather than sorry, so if you've got concerns, check it out with your vet. You could also visit my Ask A Vet A Question page to get a quick, professional opinion (I'm not a vet myself) at a very affordable price.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Is my puppy sick ??

by hbhbh

I have 2 rottweiler puppies male and female they are both 66 days old the male is 5.2 kg and the female is 4 kg.

The male is hyper active but the female isn't she's 4 kg but she's short (height and body length) and all the weight is concentrated in her abdomen which is distended in comparison with the male which is taller and longer.

She's weaker and has a much more slower growth rate than the male has is this normal or she has problems ????

It's difficult for me to say for sure whether anything is wrong with your pup, or if it's just that she's smaller. I would recommend that you have a vet examine her though, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

At 8 weeks pups can weigh anything from 7lbs to 15lbs or more, a lot depends on their bloodlines, health care and nutrition. Your male is about average, your female a little on the low side, but not outside of normal range at all.

Females tend to be lighter and a bit smaller in general, and as she's shorter, the weight difference makes sense. However, she shouldn't have a distended abdomen or seem weak, these symptoms tend to make me think that she has a canine worm infestation. This can cause a dull dry coat, a distended abdomen, anemia (resulting in weakness and lethargy) and more. It can be serious if left untreated so a vet visit is definitely required. Of course, there are other possibilities too, but only your vet can make a diagnosis.

Hope this helps, I wish you the best of luck with both your pups.

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pudding stool

by dean nasby
(beamsville , ontario,canada)

hi, looking for help.. we have a 4 month old male rottie that is having hard and soft stools now from the day we brought him home... we have had him at 2 different vets for stool tests.. all came back negative..

he is healthy, playful, gaining weight(45lbs now) we have been adding one tablespoon of pumpkin with every meal for about a month now.. helps at bit but is still having pudding stools a few times a day.... don't know if he is stressed still.... we slowly switched his food to a holistic food by Merrick called whole earth farms..will his stools harden up in time..paid a lot of money for him and don't want to worry about his health...and the mess

please advise,

Hi Dean
This can be frustrating, and worrying, but the good news is that he seems happy and healthy and is gaining weight, so I don't think you need to be too concerned about his overall health for now.

However, this type of loose stool can make housebreaking more of a challenge and obviously isn't desirable.

As you've had his stools tested twice now, I'm assuming that he doesn't have coccidia, giardia, worms or a bacterial infection, which makes the situation a bit trickier to 'fix'.

I'm not a vet, so I can't give you any professional advice or diagnosis, but personally I would wonder if the original diarrhea or loose stools were caused by stress and/or a change in diet and that caused some on-going inflammation in his digestive tract. This isn't terribly uncommon, and a bout of diarrhea can become chronic in this sort of situation.

If your vet thinks this is a possibility he could prescribe stool firmers and anti-inflammatory medications which may cure the problem. There are also several natural products/remedies which are very good at promoting a normal balance within the digestive tract while reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Take a look at my Dog Diarrhea page for more on these. Canine Plantaeris is a very popular product and if I were you I'd probably consider one of these as an option.

In addition to the pumpkin, you may also want to try a spoonful of pro-biotic yogurt as that is sometimes helpful. Also, make sure he's getting plenty of water to help make up for the fluids he is losing daily.

If all of these measures still don't yield results (and give it some time for them to 'take'), then I'm afraid I can only suggest going back to your vet and asking for more help. It is his/her job to figure out what is going on here, and neither your pup (nor you) should have to live with his loose stools indefinitely.

I hope this helps some and wish you the very best of luck with your pup.

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sheds a lot and sometimes doesn't eat well

by brianne

my 2 month old rottie sheds a lot, is this normal? or is something wrong with her. she was born april 5, 2010, she will be turning 3 months this june 5.

Another thing is that my pup sometimes eats less, she can't finish her food, i give her 1 cup every meal. but she's active, playful, energetic. i'm thinking she's in a playful mood to play and not to eat.

any advice would be of great help. thanks a lot

Hi Brianne
Rottweilers do shed a lot, and many new owners don't realize this. As long as she's not shedding to the point of having bare/bald patches, I doubt it's anything to worry about.

There are also two major shed's during the year, usually in the Spring time, and a bit less dramatically in the Fall. Puppies also go through a pretty major shed as they move into adolescence, and females 'blow coat' a few weeks after whelping/weaning puppies.

As for your pups' poor appetite, again as long as she seems healthy, happy and active otherwise, I wouldn't be too concerned. Puppies are like children and go through phases and stages, this applies to their appetite as well as their behavior and physical/emotional development.

In addition, some dogs are naturally 'chow hounds', others simply aren't so interested in food. As long as you're feeding a premium quality puppy food (see my Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages for more on this), and offering it 3 times a day, she won't starve herself and should be getting the necessary nutrients.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Leptospriosis in Rottweiler pup

by Audrey

Hi my 9 month old rottie is suspected of having lepto. She has been to the vet and was hospitalized over night and given fluids and antibiotics through an iv we just brought her home this morning and will continue to watch her and give her ampicillin twice a day.

Can you give me any insight on how to take care of her during this time, she is very emotional and upset and I don't know how to care for her, I feel awful for her. Thank you.

Hi Audrey
I'm so sorry to hear that your pup managed to contract Leptospirosis, but the good news is that you have had it diagnosed (reasonably early on by what you say) and she's already getting the right treatment.

Lepto can be a very serious disease. It's bacterial, usually transmitted through contact with water contaminated by the urine of already infected animals such as rodents or other wildlife. It affects the kidneys and urinary system.

However, prompt treatment with IV fluids and antibiotics gives a dog the best possible chance of a full recovery and it sounds as though that is where you are right now. As for nursing care, lots of rest, making sure she gets enough fluids and takes any prescribed medications regularly are all important.

She is probably feeling unwell, and most likely has been a bit scared and stressed by the overnight stay and IV's etc. Just give her plenty of love, attention and as much rest as she wants and hopefully she will be doing much, much better soon. Also, keep in contact with your vet and if you are concerned in any way, discuss those concerns with him/her. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

I wish you both the very best of luck.

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by sarah

my rottweiler is 2 1/2yrs old he has diarhoea which contains blood in it?

Hi Sarah
If your dog had all his puppy vaccinations and has been kept up to date on his shots since then, hopefully whatever is causing the diarrhea isn't one of the more serious contagious dog diseases such as Parvo.

Blood in the stool indicates inflammation of the digestive tract, and if there's diarrhea that in itself could be causing the blood, or an infection could be behind it. I'd recommend that you check out my dog diarrhea page to learn more about this problem.

If your dog doesn't improve quickly, or gets worse, then it's very important to get him to a vet just as soon as you can. Diarrhea can cause dehydration which is a big problem in itself. A professional opinion is your best option.

Hope this helps a bit, best of luck and I hope your dog is doing much better soon.

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lumps in puppies throats

by pat

we have 2 week old pups and today we noticed hard lumps in the throat area of three of them. what could this be?

they are out in the barn with the mom.

Hi PAt
This is a question for your veterinarian really, as you'll need to get a hands-on evaluation from a professional in order to find out what these 'lumps' are.

Depending on how big the lumps are, whether the area is generally swollen or reddened, whether the lumps are in the skin, or in deeper tissue or are lymph nodes etc. etc. there could be several different causes.

Swollen lymph glands would indicate an infection, and if three of the pups have the same problem it could be an infectious condition. If the lumps are small, it's possible that they're insect bites, or injuries that the pups have caused each other by biting when playing.... perhaps then they've become infected.

There is a condition called 'puppy strangles' that can cause very swollen lymph nodes under the jaw and in the neck (sort of like the 'mumps' in humans) and this needs to be treated by a vet with antibiotics and corticosteroids.

The only way to find out for sure what's going on with your puppies is to have them examined by your vet. I'd strongly suggest you make them an appointment just as soon as you can. Best of luck, hope they are all doing great soon.

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rottweiler being sick

by leon
(england )

My rottweiler is 6 months old, 2 weeks ago she didn't look herself and went off her food, a week after this she was always being sick losing hair and lost most of her body weight.

I took her to the vet that couldn't find anything wrong with her on the x-rays so they opened her up to see if there was a blockage of some sort but there was not anything they kept her in for 3 days.

When i picked her up she seemed her normal self. I have had her back for a few days now but she seems to be going back down the same road,any advice to what i can do?

Hi Leon
This is strange, and worrying, but unfortunately I'm not a veterinarian and your vets seem to have been very thorough in their tests and procedures.

The only thing that occurs to me is that as this seemed to improve when she was at the vet clinic, perhaps it's something environmental (maybe toxic) at your home, or maybe a significant allergy - perhaps a dog food allergy?

I'd recommend that you take a look at my Canine Allergies page and see if it can shed any light on what's happening. Changing to a Hypoallergenic Dog Food may be worth a try.

Other than that I really can't imagine what's going on and I think your best bet is to go back to the vet and have them run some more tests if possible. Perhaps even refer you to a specialist if they think it's necessary.

It's not okay for your dog to suffer, and for you to worry, a veterinarian is there to diagnose and treat illness/disease, so get your dog in for another exam if she deteriorates.

I wish I could help more and I wish you the very best of luck and hope your pup improves soon.

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Hi Kimberley
This is a situation where you need veterinary help, and quickly.

Newborn puppies who aren't nursing, will lose body heat and energy... quickly becoming dehydrated and often dying.

I'm afraid there's no way that I can tell you why this is happening (she could be sick, have a congenital problem etc. etc.), but you need to get professional help for her right away. I wish you the best of luck though and hope she makes it.

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Why is my rotts poo runnny and a dark bloody color.

by Shar Shoda

Hi, My dog Max was a friendly energetic 6 month rottweiler pup. And just within a matter of weeks his health took a turn for the worse. He doesn't eat and when he tries his poops dark bloody like poo. Everything he drinks comes out to.

We live here in Guam and they have a lots of frogs, chicken and boon dogs, and Max at one time like to eat his poo and every animals to.We've tried everything to nursing him back including caging him up so that he would not eat poo. He's been locked up for about a week now and there has been little change.

Today July 30 2010 I decided to give him brown rice and cat food mix he enjoyed it. Later I went back to see how he was and his stool was dark and not so runny. At this point to save my best friends life I will give him any thing as long has he can hold it down or in. We have spent money with vets and no cure. SO WHAT do you think is going on with my friend?

Hi Shar
It's impossible for me to say for sure what's going on with your pup I'm afraid, and I'm not a veterinarian so all I can do is give you my personal opinion and advice. I'm also not familiar with Guam and any canine diseases etc. that may exist there that we don't have in the US.

However, I'd definitely recommend that you take your pup back to your veterinarian and have them do some stool samples to try to find out what is causing his diarrhea. Either a parasitic, bacterial or viral infection is likely. I would have thought Parvo is a possibility but if your pup has been sick for over a week and is still alive without being treated then chances are it's something else.

The biggest risk to his health in the short term is dehydration as a pup who isn't keeping food or fluids down is in danger of this. As he ate the rice/cat food mixture and seems okay with it, then I'd suggest feeding him something similar but replacing the cat food with boiled chicken or some dog food, and adding more water so that he gets both food and fluids. Hopefully if he can keep this down he will start to get stronger.

However, you absolutely need to find out what's caused this problem (and I'm pretty sure he's eaten the feces of an animal infected with either parasites or disease and has become infected himself). He most likely needs antibiotics or anti-parasitic medications to get rid of the source of the symptoms. If he's not up to date on all his puppy vaccinations, make sure that he gets those as soon as he's well enough.

I hope this helps some. Best of luck and I wish your pup a full and speedy recovery.

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Rottie pup losing hair on his head

by BN

My 7 month old male rottie is losing small patches of hair on his head. He does not itch it and he is on wellness dog it just something common that happens?

Two dogs from the litter before him have the same thing.

This is something you'll need to ask your veterinarian about. Hair loss can be due to canine allergies, it can also be a symptom of Mange, a parasitic condition. You can learn more about this here... Mange In Dogs. Hair loss due to Mange often first shows up on the muzzle, head and front legs - it can be diagnosed by your vet after taking a small skin scraping (painless and quick).

However, it's possible that there is something else at work here, and it may be genetic if other dogs from the same bloodlines experience it. This is something only a vet can determine though so I'd strongly advise you to get him looked as soon so that you can find out what's at the root of the problem.

Best of luck with your dog.

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My rotti puppy. semi closed eyelid, hair-loss on muzzle.

by Mohamed



Hi there,

My parents have brought home a 7 week old rottweiler pup.. She was the last of the litter to be sold off..

She does not have a certificate nor has she had any shots.

She will be going to the vet tomorrow.

I'm just wondering, Apparently her mum bit her, Why i'm not sure.. Now she has some hair loss on her muzzle and her eye lid is kinda closed... I've attached a pic.

Does she look fine or could it be more serious ? Overall what do you think ? Regardless. we still love her..

Ps. You have a wonderful site here... Just spent a good few hours going thru it... Really hats off to you


Hi Mohamed
Glad to hear you're enjoying my site, that's always good news to my ears!

From what I can see, Xena looks okay overall, but that eye definitely needs attention. It could be, if she's been bitten, that the eye itself is damaged, or it could be an infection, or an eyelid problem (Rotties are a bit susceptible to eye issues such as Entropion - inward turning eyelids).

The bare patch on her muzzle could be due to her rubbing it on something, perhaps a fence, or crate door, but I can't tell for sure from here. Of course, again if she was bitten by her momma it could be that she has a scar there and that the hair hasn't grown back yet.

Your veterinarian will be able to assess her condition much better than I can as he/she will be able to conduct a hands-on exam (and I'm not a vet!), but hopefully all will be well and if Xena needs any treatment he/she will be able to prescribe it for you.

She's looks like a great little girl, and I'm sure that you'll soon be able to have her 100% healthy. Give her lots of love and enjoy her! Best of luck to you all.

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Chronic Ear Infection Problem

by Celliott

My rottweiler is 23 months old and he's had a ear infection for the last 9 months,the vet cleans his ear and apply ear medicine .

After we tried different alternatives it would stop for a week or so and return. Now we've changed his food to one with no-by products at all. He still shakes his head but only at night, he sneezes too...

Do you think he has allergies and will it go away as he gets older ?

Hi Celliott
It definitely sounds to me as though your dog is suffering from canine allergies. Recurring ear infections are a classic sign of allergies.

Unless you find the 'trigger' for this allergy the symptoms won't go away and it's not something a dog will outgrow I'm afraid.

dog food allergiesDog food allergies would be my first guess, and I'd recommend switching to a Hypoallergenic Dog Food to see if that helps. Also, make sure you're not feeding him treats or other tidbits which could contain food colorings, preservatives etc. (these can also trigger allergies).

Allow about 4 - 6 weeks on the hypoallergenic food for symptoms to die down before deciding whether or not it is helping. If after that time you don't notice an improvement then I'd recommend having your veterinarian run some allergy tests on your dog to find out what he's allergic to.

Best of luck, hope he's doing much better soon.

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My Rotti pup is losing hair!

by Shashi

Hello I have a 3 month old female Rottie pup who has recently been diagnosed with roundworm and the beaver fever parasite, she is being treated but has started to go bald on the top of her head and around her eyes.

I also just changed her dog food to california natural .

Is this something serious or could it be a side affect from the parasites?

Hi Shashi
Normally neither roundworms nor 'beaver fever' (correct name Giardia or Giardiosis) will cause hair loss. They will cause digestive upset, including diarrhea and possibly vomiting, and lethargy, loss of appetite etc. Occasionally Giardia can cause allergies and canine allergies can cause hair loss so I guess it's possible that what you're seeing is an indirect result of this condition.

However, it also sounds to me as though she may be suffering from another parasitic condition called Mange. Mange in dogs can occur when the immune system is compromised, and given your dogs existing conditions I would say that her immune system is probably a bit weak at this point.

Mange can be treated with special shampoos or dips and your vet can make a diagnosis based on taking a small skin scraping to test for the mites. I'd recommend talking this over with him.

I'm sorry to hear that your pup is experiencing so many problems at once, but they are all treatable and hopefully in a short while she'll be feeling much better.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your puppy.

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grade 2 heart murmer in puppy

by lynn carter

My partner and i have just bought an 8 wk old rottweiler we have taken him for his check up and jab, the vet told me he has a severe heart murmer grade 2 but she did not go into any details and said that she was most concerned.

We have contacted the breeder who has said that we can have our money back. The vet said he would need a complete mot which would cost £200 = £300 (pounds) which we would gladly pay but we are most concerned that this problem could be ongoing resulting in surgery, which of course could run into thousands of pounds. Insurance will not cover the condition. He does seem quite lethargic and not as playful as most puppies, we have both owned rottweilers before but have never come across this.

If you could help or give us some pointers or sound advice this would be much appreciated


Lynn Carter

Hi Lynn
I'm sorry to hear about your worries over this little guy, and Rottweilers are one of the breeds that tend to have a higher than average incidence of heart issues.

However, puppies of any breed can present with a dog heart murmur and this may be a temporary, and transient, condition or it could turn out to be something more serious and long-term which requires treatment.

Obviously your veterinarian is the person who would be most valuable in terms of giving up-to-date information on the problem, and the only one able to make an accurate evaluation of the severity of the problem - perhaps with the exception of a referral to a vet who specializes in cardiac issues.

Depending on the nature and severity of the murmur, and it's apparent cause, there are often several options for treatment - with surgery being only one of them. Of course, that may be what is necessary in this case but until a full examination is done there's simply no way to tell.

Although it is a lot of money to pay, I would personally recommend having the full evaluation done before you make any further decisions. It may be that further, very expensive, options may not be necessary - but if they are at least you will be fully aware of what you'll be taking on and the long term prognosis etc. If you decide to return the pup to the breeder at that point at least you'll be doing it fully informed.

I hope that this helps some, and that your puppys' heart murmur turns out to be minor. I wish you all the best with him.

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Nose Bleed

by Sean Philip Araula

Our rottweilers nose was bleeding for three days and after that it stopped, she's fine but she's not as energetic as before.

I'm still 11 years old,what should I do?????

Hi Sean
Nose bleeds in dogs can be caused by a whole lot of things - from injury, to parasites, tumors, blood disorders and more.

If your dogs nose has stopped bleeding now that is good, but you need to find out what caused the problem especially as she seems to be feeling unwell.

I can only recommend that you get her to your veterinarian for a check up to make sure that there's nothing more serious underlying this nosebleed and that she's not lost too much blood.

I'm sorry that I can't help more but this is a situation that needs a vet to evaluate it. Best of luck, I hope she's feeling much better soon.

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travel sickness in Rottweiler puppy

by Jodie green

When my rottie gets in a car she is always sick, can someone explain why?

Hi Jodie
Many dogs get car sick, just the way people do. The motion makes them nauseous. You'll probably notice that she starts to drool first, then gets sick. The drooling is the cue to get out a container and paper-towels!

There are natural products that you can buy to help eliminate motion-sickness, and your vet can also prescribe something that may help if you're planning a long journey.

Often, once a pup gets used to car travel, the sickness starts to recede, and you can help with this by taking her on short journeys on a regular basis. Familiarity reduces the anxiety which can make motion sickness worse.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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15 week old has had diarrhea for aprox 5 weeks

Got our male when he was 9 weeks, was on kibble and bits, we were spoiling him and i gave him a couple of pig ears and some meaty soup bones well needless to say the diarrhea started and hasn't stoped!!!

I changed his food to blue buffalo (1 large bag so far)and took him to two different vets and they gave me some stool firmers and some antibiotics well he is on his 3 round of pills and still as soon as i stop giving the medicines he gets the runs....

ANY IDEAS what the heck am i going to do with this dog that has constant diarrhea.....PLEASE HELP

I'm afraid I'm not a vet and don't have any professional qualifications, so what I'm going to say is just my personal opinion, but maybe it will help.

In my experience, this sort of persistent diarrhea is unlikely to be related directly to a sudden change in diet, such as the pig ears etc. Blue Buffalo is a good food and I'd recommend keeping him on that for now, rather than trying something else which is likely to just make the situation worse.

As he's had stool firmers and antibiotics which are ineffective long term, it would seem that the exact cause of his problems hasn't yet been found. It's possible that he has a parasitic condition such as Coccidosis, and this may need a different sort of medication. If I were in your position I'd be requesting another fecal test to rule out coccidia, giardia and other similar problems.

Sometimes, an episode of severe diarrhea can become chronic purely because it's caused irritation/inflammation in the colon/bowel. In this case, an anti-inflammatory, sometimes even corticosteroids, can help settle down the problem. Again, this is something your vet would need to look into.

Chronic diarrhea is unpleasant and your pup shouldn't be suffering in this way. It can also lead to dehydration and other issues, so you need to get to the root of the problem. Meantime make sure he gets plenty of fresh water (you can add Pedialyte or Gatorade to his water now and then if he'll drink it) as it will help prevent dehydration issues. I know it can be difficult to keep 'pushing' your vet, but if the medication isn't working it is up to him/her to find out what's wrong and get the right treatment in place.

There are some natural products that can help to settle an intestinal issue and re-balance the digestive system, and in this situation one that might be worth trying is Canine Plantaeris for Dog Diarrhea. It's gentle, all-natural, and doesn't have any unwanted side effects. It can help get your pups digestive system regulated again and heal any irritation/inflammation. It also helps overall immune system health. Even in conjunction with whatever your vet recommends it should be helpful.

You can learn more about this problem on my Dog Diarrhea page, but your vet is the one who you really need to rely on and take their advice.

Although this situation must be very frustrating and worrying, it's not your dogs fault, or yours, and given time and attention I'm certain you will be able to put an end to this problem.

I wish you and your pup the very best of luck and hope that he's doing much better soon.

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painful hot-spots and tummy ache in Rottweiler pup


hi. a couple of questions for you and thank you so so much for your time...

my puppy is now 13 months old. over the last couple of days he has developed open sores on his back. similar looking to hot spots. the emergency vet (that cost a small fortune) said just hotspots, gave him an injection and some 500mg antibiotics and a collar (cost an extra £10.50 just for the collar!)..... we used a dog groomer for 1st time on wednesday and am wondering if the two could be connected?

next question. my brother has a pear tree in his garden. The pears are starting to drop off the tree. could eating these be causing my rottweiler to have the tummy ache? my dad was giving him some fuss on saturday and said he yelped when he touched his tummy? i have noticed that he hasn't had a poo for a couple of days too, and he seems down ( the dog not my dad).

Hi Kate
If your pup hasn't ever suffered from hot-spots or other similar skin issues before and these suddenly appeared after the grooming session then it's possible they're connected.

Rottweilers tend to have sensitive skin and can be allergy-prone and hot spots and this type of inflammation could be a result of a sensitivity to a shampoo or other grooming product. I expect the shot was a steroid to reduce inflammation etc. and hopefully that combined with the antibiotics will take care of it.

As for his tummy, that is much more difficult. Eating anything out of the ordinary can cause tummy upset, but normally it would result in a bout of dog diarrhea or some minor vomiting, rather than pain and constipation.

If he still hasn't had a bowel movement and seems lethargic and out of sorts, I'd strongly recommend that you get him to your vet for an exam. It's possible that he's ingested something that has caused an internal blockage of some sort - that would account for the pain, no bowel movement and the fact that he looks as though he's not feeling well.

Of course, there are other possibilities which aren't so serious, but this is a situation you want to look into right away to be on the safe side.

I hope this helps and that your pup is doing much better soon.

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12 puppie litter all but 4 have died only six days old

by Cynthia
(Homer, Ga., United States)

Puppies keep dying took them to the vet and they said their temperature was too low i must keep them warm, they have some sort of virus that can wipeout the whole litter what can i do for them?

They are indoors in climate control, they are laying on a heating pad on low. They will be eating and doing fine then suddenly they stop eating constantly whine and then just die.

Is this common with first litters and what can i do?

Hi Cynthia
I'm so sorry to hear about what's happening with your litter, it's heartbreaking to lose puppies this way and I can imagine how stressful it is right now.

I wouldn't say that this is common in first litters, or subsequent ones, but it can happen. As you have had the surviving puppies examined by a veterinarian then I am assuming if there is infection or illness that it is being treated and that things should improve.

If there isn't any infection causing the problem then it is much more difficult to deal with. 'Fading Puppy Syndrome' does exist and it is similar to what you are describing, it's often very difficult to find the cause of death and therefore impossible to remedy.

However, maintaining body temperature is crucial as if a pup gets chilled, his body literally shuts down and he'll stop nursing, become lethargic and die pretty quickly. I'm wondering if the momma has enough milk? Do the pups seem to be chubby and gaining weight? If not, it could be that they need supplemental feeding which you can do with a bottle and puppy formula, or ask your vet to show you how to tube feed them.

But if a pup is already showing signs of being chilled don't try to feed them him as his digestive system is already shutting down. Warm him up properly first, and if you can't get him warm get him to the vet as he may be able to get IV fluids there.

Keeping puppies warm is also tricky. They can feel warm outside if they're on a source of heat, but not necessarily be warm inside! Best way to tell is to put your finger in the puppy's mouth. His tongue should feel warm, if it doesn't then he is still too cold.

Keep the room they are in draft free and somewhere between 75 and 80F, using a heat lamp (you can find these at most feed stores and other similar places) is also good - but don't get it too close to the pups. If they're on a heating pad, make sure turn them frequently and keep them together as their combined body heat helps.

Carrying a sickly puppy around next to your skin (inside your clothing) as much as possible can also help to raise their temperature and is comforting for the pup.

I wish I could do more to help, but this is a situation where you need hands-on help and I recommend that you keep in touch with your vet for assistance and advice. If you can get these puppies warm enough and help them to survive another two weeks then they should be past the crucial point. A pup that makes it to 3 weeks (providing it's not sick and doesn't have birth defects) has a good chance of survival.

Best of luck with these little guys, hope they make it.

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Not eating

by Mike
(Brisbane,Queensland Australia)



Hi im Mike and I have a rottie X staffy and he is 4 months old and he isn't eating as much as I think a developing puppy should be, he hardly touches his breaky and dinner do u know anyways to make him eat? I have him on dry food.

Hi Mike
Puppies are like little kids and they go through 'phases and stages' in terms of appetite, these generally correspond with their stage of development.

It's not unusual for a puppy to have a few weeks where he's hungry all the time, followed by weeks where he barely seems to touch his food. The keys as to whether there's anything to worry about are if he seems happy, healthy and active and if your vet thinks his weight is appropriate for his skeletal frame and age. If these areas are both fine, then I wouldn't worry about this. He'll be hungry again soon enough.

However, if he seems lethargic, has tummy troubles such as vomiting or diarrhea and so on, or if he just seems out-of-sorts, then I'd recommend having your vet check him out to make sure everything is okay. Also ask your vet if your pup appears to be of the right weight for his build, if he seems underweight then he may want to run a few tests to see if there's a physical problem.

Some pups (and even older dogs too) are just 'picky eaters' and it's best not to try to pander to their whims or to put a huge effort into encouraging them to eat - that usually causes more problems than it solves.! Just be sure you're giving him a premium puppy food specifically designed for large breed puppies (see my Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages for more on this) and let him decide how much he wants to eat. Don't give him snacks between meals or a lot of treats or 'human food' either, he may decide he likes that a whole lot more than his food and it will make matters worse too.

Hope this helps, best of luck with that adorable puppy :)

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2 week old rottweiler puppy developed a large lump under her throat.

by jeff

2 week old rottweiler puppy developed a large lump under her throat after we gave amoxicillin for an abcess where the mom stepped on the puppy.

That seems fine now but she has a lump under her throat now that is causing difficulty eating. What is this???

Hi Jeff
I'm afraid I'm not a veterinarian and your best bet here is to have your vet examine this little girl so that you can get an accurate, and professional, evaluation of her problems.

However, there are a couple of possibilities for this second lump. First, it could be a secondary infection related to the first injury, or another injur/yabcess that has become infected causing either the tissue inside, or outside, her throat to swell. Or it could be that a localized infection has caused a lymph node to swell up.

Or it's possible that the swelling is an enlarged lymph node and due to a condition called 'puppy strangles' (correct name Juvenile Cellulitis or Juvenile Pyoderma). This is an immune system problem which causes the lymph nodes in a puppys' neck to swell quickly, and dramatically, making it look as though the pup is being strangled - hence the name.

If your pups' immune system is low due to previous infection etc. then this condition could have got a foothold then.

Either way your pup likely needs more treatment in the form of antibiotics or other medication, and if it IS 'puppy strangles', then possibly corticosteroids as well. This sort of thing doesn't get better without treatment and in fact your pup could die if the infection isn't controlled - so please get her to a vet asap.

I wish you the best of luck and hope your little one is doing much better soon.

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My 9 month old puppy is sick once a day between 04:00 - 06:00. he is not unwell in himself, still eating ok.

Vet has had him on antacids but he is still vomiting just the once a day. I have changed his food but he still vomits. what else could it be?

Hi Kate
Some puppies (and dogs) do this if their tummies are too empty. It's most likely to happen first thing in the morning as their tummies have been empty all night.

If this is what's causing your pup to vomit, giving him a few plain dog biscuits at night, right before bed, may help. It usually does.

If it doesn't relieve the problem, then it's up to your vet to figure out what's going on. A food intolerance is a possibility, but if you get him on a Hypoallergenic Dog Food and he's still having trouble then your vet may want to prescribe a different type of antacid or medication.

There are also many natural supplements that can really help with GI issues like this. Integrative Therapeutics NF Spectra Probiotic for Dogs and Cats,
Prozyme Powder
or Only Natural Pet GI Support for Dogs and Cats are examples of these.

Hope this helps, and that your pup is doing better soon.

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