my rottweilers' head and back hair.

I have a rottweiler puppy of 4 months (female) her muzzle seems a little too pointy and her head seems a little small for her body and not boxy. Will her head fill out and get bigger???

Also, the hair on her back is thick and wavy..... will this go away??

She looks like a beautiful girl to me. Not all Rottweilers look the same, and the shape of their head or muzzle, size of their bone structure, coat density etc., are genetic traits. It's their bloodlines and parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. who have determined what those things will be like.

Although the Rottweiler Breed Standard describes the 'ideal' Rottie, the majority of them (even show dogs) won't be an exact replica of that ideal.

Rotties are slow to mature and generally don't get their full bone structure, height and weight until they're around 2 years old, or more. Your girl will 'fill out' as she grows, but there are no guarantees as to how big her head will get or anything like that. Feed her the best quality puppy food so that she gets all the nutrients she needs to reach her full potential, and keep her healthy, and she'll grow into a beautiful dog I'm sure.

As for her coat, some bloodlines have thicker coats than others, and puppies often have a wave down the center of their backs. This usually disappears as they get older and their adult coat comes in. However, unless your dog is a show dog it really doesn't matter, it's just cosmetic.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your girl.

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Feb 19, 2015
They are all adorable NEW
by: Anonymous

So cute!

By the way.. Show dogs keep their tails. Tell them that! lol

Dec 19, 2014
my rot has a brown head and black hears NEW
by: femi jolaolu

she has the brown color on her head, and the black hears, I kind of confused of what bread she could be, other rots I see, their heads are black, pls I want to know why that is

Jul 11, 2012
21 week old Rotties with small head/wavy hair NEW
by: Anonymous

Our Rotties have the same look as yours accept they have darker brown markings.Their heads are also on the small side. We are pretty sure they are not 100% Rottie because the mom was a rescue and we never saw the dad. Either way, they are 100% loved.I just hate the questions of what are they especially because they have their tails. So when I get asked that question, I just politely say "THEY'RE DOGS".

Jul 27, 2010
You are not alone!!!
by: Shirl

I also have one that has the longer muzzle and is tall....I get asked all the time what she is mixed with and I just politely tell them that she is 100% rottie and I have papers to prove it.

Jul 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

We had the same concerns as you, our girl is 5 months old and only 41# and is tall and lanky. She has a longer snout and narrow head as well. So she doesnt fit the perfect Rott model, but they are all different and special in their own ways. So I wouldn't fret she is a beautiful dog!

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