My Rotties :)

by Nicole

Zaro, Leanae, Zendaya

Zaro, Leanae, Zendaya

Zaro, Leanae, Zendaya
Little Jax

I have 4 german rottweilers and tried to pick unique names for each. Love them all and are the most spoiled dogs I ever known.

Leanae (graceful) -2 year old female. 65lbs. She's so funny and active, always being silly.

Zendaya - 1 year old female.81lbs. She's more of a brute/tomboy, likes to be protective.

Zaro - 8 year old male. 130lbs. He's laid back and lazy lol.

Jax - 7 weeks old male. Just got him, named him from Sons of Anarchy :)

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