Limping after rest !

by Sand

Hi dear,

The last time i wrote to you, my boy was just over 6 months old and now France is 10 months. Im such a big fan of how you have chosen to help all Rott lovers like us with your experience and knowledge. Luv u for that.

France as you see in the photos has grown up quite a bit since the last post but the limping problem doesn't seem to leave him. I feel very bad when i see him going through this pain. He doesn't whine about it, never, unlike me. he's a brave boy. i'm sure he must be in pain as he limps in the front legs.

Earlier we assumed that he must have Panosteitis, which should have subsided as he is 10months now.

I visited the Vet, he has given certain ligament and joint strengthening tablets and powder.
We have been giving him (Beapher HD tablets) and (Megaflex from BAYER-Pet Care). He was unable to diagnose the problem.

I have seen him limp every time he gets up after his rest. if i take him for his walk, after his initial limp, he walks and runs just about fine. so i'm thinking that its not something major because otherwise he would limp all the time.

I also think this has caused him not gaining enough weight since last three months. he was 32 at 6.5 months and he is 37 at 10 months.

And getting him not to jump, frolic or run is so difficult as he gets excited so easily. i'm assuming if he rests and doesn't run around for a week he might be able to recover.

Need your help and advice.

Hi Sand - generally I don't answer questions here, but since I remember France I'll give you my opinion :) It still sounds to me as though Pano is the problem, and although it should have improved by now, it can last for longer. Of course there could be other issues, but as your veterinarian has examined him and not found an explanation it might be worth waiting another couple of months. If France is still limping this way by a year old, then I'd probably recommend another vet visit and a referral to an orthopedic vet specialist for further evaluation.

Rotties have a high tolerance for pain and will push through almost anything, this can make things worse so although it's difficult do try to keep his exercise fairly low key. With Pano though regular running etc. should be fine, just still no jumping or pounding along on hard surfaces. Don't worry about his weight gain, it will naturally start to slow down now. He looks just fine, and carrying extra weight will put more strain on his joints, ligaments, bones etc. Lean is better for a Rottie, regardless of age.

Sorry I can't be more help, but hope this puts your mind at rest just a little. Hopefully France will stop limping soon, or your vet will find out what's causing it and treat it appropriately. Good luck to both of you.

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