Kayne, the Rotten Rottie

by Kayne Tinnell

Rotten Rottie

Rotten Rottie

Hi! My name is Kayne and I am a 9 week old Rottie. I am a VERY sweet and loving boy. I always stick close to my mom wherever she goes!

We have a game where when she gets up to go to the kitchen or bathroom I walk in between her legs and bite her pants. I think it is great fun, mom not so much!

Mom tells me I am going to be a big boy when I grow up! She said my daddy weighs 130 lbs, and my mom was 90 lbs so I should be somewhere in between. I don't care how big I get I will always be moms baby boy :) I already weigh 20 lbs!

I love to play with my Kong ( mom puts peanut butter in it..MmmmMmm), my rope, my puppy teether and my empty Dr. Pepper bottle is my favorite! I have 2 "siblings" my sister is Molly she is a Boxer/Pit mix and my brother is Chico, he is a Chihuahua. Chico isn't too much fun to play with cuz I have to be super gentle with him, but Molly and I have a BLAST! She may be 8 but she rough and tumbles with me just like a pup :)

As soon as I have my shots ( that sounds painful, I wonder what they are?) Mom says we are going to start obedience class!! Doesn't that sound fun?? She say I will get to learn how to be a very good listener, and I get to play with others my own age. I'm already super smart and know how to sit when Mom tells me too, and I can give paw!

Mom is so proud of me she made me my own Facebook page AND You Tube page :) She said she just can't help but to share all my cute pics and videos.
Youtube: youtube.com/xrottenrottiex

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