by Pat McGrath
(Kilkenny, Ireland)

Jay, Prima Nocte

Jay, Prima Nocte

I re-homed Jay last Thursday 14th August. His owner is emigrating and can't take Jay with him.

Jay is a 7 year-old neutered male, pure-bred with a wonderful character and disposition. At 47kgs (104 lbs) he's not the biggest dog around but he has a presence that makes him seem bigger than his actual size.

I'm retired and wanted a companion and when we met at his old home, Jay and I seemed to "click".

This is Jay on his first night here beside the new kennel he refuses to use (!), eating from a dish my old deceased cat ate from and with a water-dish my sister gave him as a house warming present. Anne & her husband Gerald have a rescued border-collie X, Gemma.

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