by Natalie

we got lukas last tuesday (FINALLY <3)and he immediately became a part of the family. He's 9 weeks old now, and he has this habit of nipping at ankles, or legs, or whatever moves by quickly in front of him, including my younger siblings. he also loves to pull weeds from our backyard and chew on them and sometimes eat them! is that unhealthy for him? and are these just puppy habits he will grow out of?

of course we correct him, but he doesn't really listen, because 10 mins later he'll be back at it! other than that hes a great little boy :)

this site has been soooooo helpful to me months before we finally found the perfect puppy, and now it's going to be just as fantastic now that we have him!


Hi Natalie
I'm happy that my website has been helping you already and hope that it will keep doing so now that you have Lucas home.

The nipping and biting is perfectly normal puppy behavior and you just need to be patient and consistent in your corrections. Read my Stop Puppy Biting page carefully and follow the advice there and you will be successful. BUT don't expect him to listen or to learn right away, it takes time, patience and repetition (lots of all three) to train a puppy!

As for the chewing on weeds, again normal but something that needs to be discouraged. Sometimes we have plants or weeds in our yards that can be dangerous or even toxic to dogs, so do correct him and redirect his attention to something else when he does this.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup. Enjoy him!

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Jun 23, 2011
Same issue with my 12 week old
by: Sheena

My 12 week old female, Chloe does the same exact thing with the nipping and biting and eating everything in site. I keep discouraging her and taking away anything she is trying to eat that she isn't supposed to. She loves rocks, leaves, cut grass, even whole clumps of dirt. I thought the issue was worms and we have treated her twice, but so far no changes in these habits. Hopefully she catches on soon and this behavior stops. Good luck with your dog also.

Jun 13, 2011
Tell me about it!
by: Anonymous

Yes! Lukas is a handful too but a very good boy! God forrbid he gets tapeworm like chaos!! Poor thing:( but he does manage to eat whatever he gets his mouth on including rocks && wood chips which at one point gave him a horrible stomach ache && he threw up a lot!!!
He's getting better with his nipping, just a stern NO && a pull of his collar does the trick. But to make him not eat things I just can't figure it out because he'll just go back to eating them! Even the nasty potato bugs I've found in his mouth! Silly puppy

Jun 13, 2011
Chaos Is a Handfull:)
by: Tammie P

Hi My name is Tammie, I have a Rottie puppy who is 10wks old, named Chaos, and he does live up to his name!!! He is a good boy for the most part, but he does bite. We are trying to correct this problem, and reading your info on biting does help. One major problem with Chaos is that he eats flies, grass, and anything else he can find. We have been to the vet because of this and we found out he had tapeworms(gone now) but I dont know how to make him stop doing this? Can someone give me some advise...Chaos is such a handfull, but he is also such a good boy, and we love him soooo much.....

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