Ask A Vet A Question Here

Need to ask a vet a question about your Rottweiler's health.....

.... but it's not an emergency and you're not sure that you need to make a trip to the veterinary clinic?

Then an online veterinary service could be just what you need. 

Online Veterinary Help For Routine Questions

We all love our dogs, and worry about them when they're not well, but sometimes the symptoms are vague, or minor, and we don't necessarily want to make a journey to the veterinary clinic if it's not necessary.

After all, a vet visit isn't cheap and many dogs get really stressed out by the trip.

Here's when I'd suggest asking a vet a question online:

  • For the occasional 'niggling worry'
  • The times when you're concerned, but not sure whether there's a problem
  • For general tips, advice or questions

When NOT to use an online vet service!

Online Veterinary Services are NOT the right choice for a dog who's clearly distressed or in pain. Who's been in an accident, is injured or may have ingested something toxic.

In any sort of emergency situation get your Rottie straight to the nearest vet clinic or 24 hour pet hospital!

How To Get Vet Help Online

It's as simple as typing your question into a box, paying a small fee, and waiting for your answer. Yes, really.

You'll get the help that you need, from the comfort of your own home and without stressing anyone out. 

Usually it will cost you between $15 and $20, a small price to pay for peace of mind right?

Ask A Vet A Question Now.....

So, gather your thoughts... and simply type your question into this box....

One last thing - if your answer recommends that you visit a flesh-and-blood veterinarian, please do so as quickly as possible.

All canine health issues respond better, and are easier to handle, when diagnosed and treated promptly! Good luck.

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