8,5 months female Rottweiler weight and height

by Panagiotis


I would like to ask you a question, I have a 8.5 months old female Rottweiler from a breeder which is 22.5-23 inches tall at shoulder and she weights 64-65lbs is those normal values?

Thank you very much.

Hi Panagiotis. Your Rottie girls weight is slightly below average for her age, her height may be slightly above average - but as puppies gain their full height before their full weight this is not unusual.

Right now she may look a little lean but that is also normal and a good thing. Putting on too much weight too early can cause joint and ligament problems.

Every puppy is different in terms of their rate of growth/development and how tall or heavy they will be at adulthood is mostly determined by their genetics. If you know how much your pup's parents weighed you can estimate her weight to be somewhere in the middle, most likely closer to her mom's weight than her dad's.

As long as your puppy is happy, active and healthy I wouldn't worry too much about height/weight. She'll get to where she's meant to be in her own time.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you both.
~ Sue

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